Buon Ma Thuot every season has its own beauty, attracting the footsteps of visitors to explore. However, if you want to have the best moments when coming to this place, visitors do not miss the "golden" moments of Buon Ma Thuot tourism. 
Buon Ma Thuot Tourism Season Coffee Flower Blooms white sky

If the northwest mountains have a beautiful season of ban flowers, buckwheat flowers, in the Central Highlands there is also a season of coffee flowers blooming white to the whole sky to captivate anyone. Coffee flowers have a sweet scent, attracting flocks of bees racing to attract honey. The flower blooms a white color that is both gentle and brilliant. The flowers bloomed white in the sky like "Western snow", helping the Central Highlands to wear a new philosophy, inviting visitors every spring.

The coffee flower season usually lasts from January to March of the solar calendar with two blooms, each lasting from 7-10 days after which will end and begin to bear fruit. If you have fallen in love with the color of coffee flowers, visitors need to thoroughly research and arrange the schedule at the right time.  
Mesmerizing Board of Coffee Festival Season

Every March, about every 2 years, Buon Ma Thuot jubilantly organizes the Coffee Festival with hundreds of fun and entertainment activities with the identity of the Central Highlands. Coming to Ban Me on this occasion, visitors have the opportunity to learn the origins of coffee on the legendary Basalt red land, be immersed in the unique indigenous culture with elephant racing competitions, monochrome boat races, enjoy Highland cuisine in a joyful atmosphere,  In the sound of the gong ringing. 
Romantic Butterfly Season Flying Sky

In April, when the sky is high blue and sunny and like pouring honey, it is also the time when people say to each other: "Go to the Central Highlands to play, the butterfly season has come!"

Indeed, at this time, the whole land in the Central Highlands is as fanciful as a dream with a wall of yellow butterflies flying. The butterfly here is a caterpillar. They are inherently fragile, so a small stray butterfly wing is easy for the viewer to ignore, but millions of butterfly wings fly in flocks have a tremendous attraction. This scene makes long-distance visitors forget both the long way and the highland heat, only to see the yellow butterfly wing in the bottom of the eyes and the soul more passionate.

Coffee Harvest Season

Coming to Ban Me at the end of the year (October, November, December), visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere, busy when people and houses here are eager to harvest coffee. The coffee variety grown in Buon Ma Thuot is mainly Robusta coffee, with ripe red berries, formed into bunches on the branches of the tree, creating a beautiful image. Coming here at this time, there is nothing more exciting than the experience of transforming into a farmer, riding a farm car to harvest coffee, joining in the joyful atmosphere of the harvest season.
Ban Me blooms the yellow color of Wild Quy Flower

In December, Buon Ma Thuot again put on a new shirt imbued with the yellow color of Wild Quy Flower, disturbing people's hearts. Although not as beautiful as yellow chrysanthemums, as brilliant as sunflowers, but wild flowers kneel bring in themselves a harmonious beauty that people, easy to enter the heart.

Flowers grow along the red dirt roads, spread throughout the field, climbing the hillside ... it makes the Highlands more poetic. In the cold air of the early morning, there is nothing more interesting than sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the wild kneeling still sleepy. As the sun begins to shine, the flower buds stretch out to form waves of yellow flowers rushing together in each wind. If you have fallen in love with this idyllic flower, visitors should look to Buon Ma Thuot every year at the end of the year to catch the gentlest moment of nature each degree of Dã Quy blooming.
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