Crossing waterfalls, trekking in Dak Lak attracts young people


Crossing waterfalls, trekking through the forest are interesting experiences for those who love nature and love adventure travel.

Energetic activities attract visitors at the beginning of the year.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, health and green living were the factors of choice for many people. Accordingly, more and more tourists prefer the trend of traveling to explore and immerse themselves in nature, immerse themselves in fresh air, and healthy physical activities.

With a 3-in-1 energy tour, only in Trung Nguyen Healing is the ideal choice, attracting visitors by energetic activities such as cycling - climbing - boating at Dray Nur – Gia Long waterfall cluster (Dak Lak). Adventure tourism on combined advocacy brings a unique experience of nature combining 3-in-1 between mountains and forests - waterfalls - rivers and lakes. Participating in the energy tour helps visitors increase their mobility, physical and mental health training to start a new journey full of energy, vitality, and creativity.

A 3-in-1 experience full of energy

Visitors will be able to participate in a 3-in-1 experience: cycling - mountain climbing - boating during the adventure tour at Trung Nguyen Healing. Departing at Dray Nur waterfall eco-resort, waiting for you is a poetic road with long coffee gardens, fragrant coffee flowers blooming like snow-covered in white throughout the mountains and forests. Interspersed between the scenery is the idyllic life of the people of Ephesians and M'Nong. During the nearly 4 km of cycling, the only thing that remains in the minds of visitors is the beauty of nature, the peaceful moments in the middle of the majestic mountains and forests.

Young people are excited about the experience of cycling on the romantic road.

Crossing the poetic road to Gia Long Waterfall, this is the home of leaning waterfalls pouring into the deep river, creating a magical natural picture. On the side of the towering cliff, the waterfall echoes, spreading a large area of space. Try your hand at boating through the falls, the soul becomes calmed when patted by the shaded green trees on both sides of the shore, enjoying the fresh air, listening to the birds singing echoing the mountains and forests, excited and excited when crossing the fast-flowing waterfalls. You can choose to stop at the waterfalls to be immersed in the water pouring down from above, enjoy a cup of cool green tea along with potatoes or corn grilled by the waterfall. The foreground of the legendary Serêpôk River in the Central Highlands also challenges the will to give each person the opportunity to understand the power and limit themselves.

In the process of sailing over the falls, at the high and deep waterfalls, you can spend time on the boat climbing the mountain along the ancient rock slopes with unique shapes. Crossing these bumpy cliffs is a panoramic view of the majestic beauty of Gia Long waterfall with a cliff on one side, on the other side is the blue Seêpôk River. The energetic experience of climbing not only trains the strength and toughness of the legs, but requires high concentration, endurance and assertiveness of the participants.

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and forests.

Experience the dramatic waterfall tour is a "medicine" to help many visitors overcome themselves, forge their will, improve physical and mental health to continue the journey of exploring and conquering Dray Nur – one of the most majestic waterfalls in the Central Highlands that nature has given this place.

In the midst of the great thousands, the same mountain, Dray Nur waterfall has a fresh, pristine beauty along with legends passed down through the generations. The lake at the foot of the green waterfall, like a jewel lying still under the protection of the great thousands around. The rocky outcrops are scattered among the waves of water with many unique shapes. From a distance, Dray Nur Falls is like a huge wall of water, thousands of white water strands wrapped, intertwined, shimmering, fanciful.

Dray Nur brings the majestic beauty that nature gives to the Land of the Central Highlands.

From Dray Nur Falls, visitors can wander the trails in the primeval forest to see the thousand-year-old trees, their roots hug the large rocks, or explore the amazing caves.

The energetic experiences in Trung Nguyen Healing's adventure tour will help visitors have moments of relaxation, appreciate the values of nature, while training physical and mental health, having more consistency and bravery to face difficulties,  challenges in life. Returning to nature is not only an opportunity to settle the soul but also a precious moment to reflect and remain still, cultivating the energy that overflows for the exciting New Year.

In the spring, come to Dak Lak to enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery of the year. Information about adventure tours is updated at the fanpage: Contact hotline 0939.104.312 – 0389.717.711 for an energetic experience tour.